So what makes a home haunter tick? Why do they spend so much time and money for an event that lasts only a couple of hours a year? For us, we do it because WE LOVE IT!


Floyd has been fascinated with Halloween since he was a young boney lad. Each year he would set up displays at his parents house with what ever props and costumes he could find.  Recruiting his best friend Fabio to help, the two would enjoy scaring the local kids not much younger than themselves. Whether they had 5 or 500 visitors the thrill was still the same. (more patrons always helped though.)


As he grew older Floyd volunteered at the local charity haunted house. He would build displays and perform as a "live prop" to get his fix for Halloween. Always hoping that one day he would do something like this at his own house.


For the past 10 years Floyd has been transforming his house into a distorted wonderland for his neighbors to enjoy. Each year adding more to his arsenal. With a degree in scene design and the help of his childhood friend Fabio, brother Luther, and their wives and children, Floyd continues to enhance and expand his home displays to what it is today.


Who knows what the future holds, but a haunter can never stop haunting. It's in their blood.

Floyd Bonedigger 
Distorted Visionary Fabio RigorMortis 
Master Builder distorted nightmares
Luther Shinsplint
Electrical genius
Betty Bonedigger 
scenic painter Boo Bonedigger 
Scare commander Fran RigorMortis 
Scare commander

distorted nightmares
Who are we?
Floyd Bonedigger 
Distorted Visionary Betty Bonedigger 
scenic painter
Luther Shinsplint
Electrical genius Boo Bonedigger 
Scare commander
Fabio RigorMortis 
Master Builder Fran RigorMortis 
Scare commander